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Shoes are an important part in the appearance of a woman. Not only serves as footwear, but has become a supporting appearance. Shoes model is increasingly diverse and unique looks, make women tempted to buy and own it. In order to not just follow trends, it will helps if you know some types and function of shoes, so that you can use the right shoes on the right situation and with the appropriate counterpart.

Mary Jane
Mary-Jane is a buckle strap shoe, shoe that closed in the front with a rope or strap that passes on the back foot. Rope or strap could be one or even more. This shoe is also available in some high heels that range from ½ inch to 5 inches. Mary Jane is usually made from black leather, but some are made of suede with canvas or other color variations. This kind of shoes is very suitable to be used with mini skirts and long socks below the knee to give the impression of preppy look.

Platform Shoes
These shoes have thick soles on the front, while the back heels on shoes can be big, short and thick or even stilettos or pointy. This shoe is perfect paired with wide pipe pants (palazzo pants) or shorts with a model of straight down.

Ballerina Flats
Ballerina Flats shoes are similar to that worn by ballet dancers. The shape is flat without heels and very light so convenient to use. Pair with a mini skirt, skinny jeans or a skirt with empire cut for level up the body.

The shoes are original from Spain, namely sandals made of woven with elastic soles. The materials used to make this shoe is the canvas. Shoes that have a strap on the back that wrapped around the ankle to strengthen the position of shoes on feet. Paired with fashion pattern with tropical fruit motifs, animals or flowers.

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Sling-Back Shoes
Often called slipper shoes, because the back of the shoe that is open and only associated with the rope wrapped around the ankle. Sling-Back Shoes are very suitable for semi-formal or formal event. Pair with A-line skirt model for the more impressed feminine appearance. Avoid to combine them with pants that are close to the ankle because the sling-back will become invisible.

Better known as slippers. Having a closed model on the front and open at the back. Heels for mules can be short, thick or thin. Mules can be used for all the atmosphere, ranging from a relaxed to a memorable feminine and is perfect paired with skirts, long cloth or a patterned gyspsy skirt.

These shoes have high heels and pointy. High heels more than 2 inches or 5 inches. To attend a special party, you can wear stilettos combined with an elegant and sexy longdress.

Boots era starting from the classical model to cowboy boots with decorative lace. If you prefer the masculine style, this shoe is the right choice. Boots would look very harmonious when combined with boot-cut pants. Choose the ankle boots and paired with short skirts to impress sexy, and mix with a tube dress to impress edgy.

The special characteristic of the wedge heel is a model that integrates with the sole of the front. The surplus is the wedge will not be easily broken due to merge with soles and more convenient to use. Wedge is very suitable for use by those who have excess weight. Wedge is perfect combined with boot cut pants or three-quarters pants.

Let’s make your shoes collection as your favourite.

Women Stiletto Shoes My Shoes, My Favourite

Boot Shoes My Shoes, My Favourite

Espadrilles Shoes Men My Shoes, My Favourite

Leather Ballerina Flat Shoes My Shoes, My Favourite

Low Heeled Mary Jane Shoes My Shoes, My Favourite

Platform Shoes My Shoes, My Favourite

Sling Back Shoes for Women My Shoes, My Favourite

Wedge Shoes My Shoes, My Favourite

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