The Shoes Unique Facts You Should Know

Are you a shoe lover? The shoe lover always purchases the shoe which attracts the eyes and matches the shoe with the outfit. But, no matter you are a shoe lover or not, you should know the unique facts of shoes.

The men were the first people who wore the high heel

Surprised? Yes. Actually weren’t the women who wore the high heel. According to the Huffington Post, in the 10th century, the men who ride a horse needed the high heel boot so they can put the feet in the stirrup.

Audrey Hepburn is the first person who made the loafer shoes became a trend

He wore the loafer shoe in 1957 when as a star of the Funny Face movie. He wore the loafer shoe from Ferragamo brand.

Initially, the Dr. Martens as the work shoes for the men

The Dr. Martens shoes were created by Dr. Martaens and his friend, Dr. Funk, was developed by England and marketed in 1960. In the ’70s, this brand was popularized by the subcultures and punk music group.

Vans Slip on got the popularity from a movie

The Fast Times Ridgemont High movie which was the Sean Penn (Jeff Spicoli) as the star, often seen wore the chess patterned Vans Slip On.

Why the rubber soled shoes called as sneaker?

The end of the 1800s, people started to call the rubber soled shoes as sneaker because the shoes didn’t noise just like the sneaking people.

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Adidas and Puma

Started from “Dassler Brothers Shoes Factory” and the brotherhood of Rudolf Dassler and Adolf Dassler. They became the rival. Then, Adi established the Adidas and his brother established the Puma. The Adidas brand is the acronym of Adi Dassler name.

The Kurt Cobain farewell shoe

On his death, Kurt Cobain was wearing a pair of black suede Converse One Star shoes. Then, Converse marketed the line of themed Cobain shoes.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is the favorite sneaker all the time

The first marketed in 1917. This sneaker became the best seller sneaker all the time. In 2011, the sale was exceeded 600 million pairs.

How are these facts, shoe lover? So unique facts, right? Every shoe has its own story.

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