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Shorts do not always seem casual. Shorts do not always seem simple. Shorts do not always seem practical. You can also create a luxurious or glamorous looks of your shorts. Indeed, wear shorts trully are very practical, comfortable and not easy to feel the heat. Now with the more touch of trend, you will have many styles from your shorts.

Various kinds of shorts can be selected according to the needs and situation. Classic bermuda shorts or city shorts will make you always look up to date. City shorts are comfortable to wear because the pieces tend to be straight so that gives the wearer a slim impression especially those with large hips and abdomen. City shorts will give the flat effect on the stomach and hips will look more proportional. Choose shorts that are made from cotton, tweed or denim and adjust their use with the condition or event that you want to attend. Avoid matching shorts with pleated or ploi because it will make you look old fashioned. Besides ploi, shorts with the fit waistband dish also makes your appearance look old and unattractive.

Shorts has always been identical as the perfect pair of t-shirts. But the combination of shorts and t-shirts can become boring too. Try to change your t-shirt with polo shirts and wear flip-flop sandals or sneakers to complement your casual appearance. Wear your city shorts and mix with a short bolero, lace camisole or ruffles on a blouse for a birthday party or when gathering with your friends. Your appearance will be more fantastic if equipped with strappy heels or pump shoes. Shorts are also quite rude to wear in the office when you can combine with the right stuff. Wear your city shorts and mix with a cropped jacket or a feminine blouse along the hips, and add a big belt and peep shoes.

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So, get ready for your own shorts style!

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Casual Short Shorts, Shorts, Shorts

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