Simple Beauty Tips for Tomboys to Look Effortlessly Awesome

Tomboys must not always identical with messy and not attractive. You may not like doing makeup and like everything simple but it doesn’t mean you are not special. You could also look awesome without many efforts. These are some simple beauty tips for tomboys without sacrificing fashion, beauty taste, comfortableness and many efforts.

Don’t Hesitate to Wear BB Cream

Bb cream is the abbreviation of blemish balm cream. Don’t worry to apply these simple beauty tips if you are a tomboy. It is because BB cream is a multifunction makeup product so you can use it instead of foundation. This BB cream includes moisturizer, foundation, until SPF (Sun Protecting Factor). You only need BB cream according to your skin tone. Therefore your appearance will be more attractive and flawless although you don’t apply any makeup on your face.

Hair Care is a Must

Actually, caring hair must not spend much time and efforts. You only need washing your hair routinely, applying conditioner and styling haircut. These are the most important simple beauty tips for you to look beautiful with your healthy hair. If you don’t like long hair, cut your hair into pixie or bob hairstyle which also looks beautiful and stylish. Choose your favorite hairstyle to enhance your confidence.

Always Keep Fresh

The fresh body scent will make people around you like to stay close to you. Take a shower at least 2 times a day to keep your body fresh after working and doing many activities. If necessary, apply body cologne or body mist which tends to be lighter fragrance than perfume. Certainly, this is very easy and simple beauty tips for tomboys.

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Choose the Outfits According to Your Favorite

Being beautiful and attractive for tomboys must not be feminine or girly. You are free to choose your fashion style. You can wear jeggings or jogger pants which are comfortable for you. If you want to look more attractive, you can mix and match the outfit’s color and pattern. It makes you not really masculine but still comfortable with your favorite outfits. The ethnic fashion style can enhance your appearance to be more stylish and elegant without cutting down your characteristic.

In this modern era, tomboys certainly can look attractive and awesome with their styles. Never stop to look for some simple beauty tips to enhance your personality from the most special side of yours.

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