How to Look Simple but Stylish with Culottes

You may have cropped top, shorts or jumpsuit at home. But, don’t feel that you are stylish woman if you don’t have culottes. Yes, culottes. Culottes are very popular now among women in the world. You can look feminine, cool, casual and formal with culottes moreover these pants also comfortable. But, be careful because culottes tend to be more difficult to combine than skinny jeans. Therefore, before you combine culottes, look at these tips to look simple but stylish with culottes.

Choose the Right Length

There are three types of culottes’ lengths, they are under the knee, mid length and crop length. If you are tall, you can wear any type of culottes’ length. But, if you are not tall, don’t worry; you can wear high waist culottes with the middle length. By these simple but stylish culottes, you will look taller and trendy.

The Simple Solid Color Top

The culottes actually have the stylish look. Thus, if you are not expert in styling culottes, try to choose the fitted, cropped top or minimalist tee to combine with culottes. These simple but stylish tops create the chic look instantly. But, if you want to create the bold fashion look, you can combine your culottes with another stylish top but make sure that you are not looked ‘heavy’ with your fashion appearance.

Blazer or Jacket Combination

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Are you a layering fashion lover? Don’t worry; you can still create this style when wearing culottes. Create the simple but stylish look with the simple blazer and culottes. This outfit makes the smart and independent look instantly to go to the office. While, adding black leather jacket and high heels will make you look classy and elegant.

Don’t Forget High Heels

The ideal combination of culottes is a pair of high heels. Whether it’s cutout heels, kitten heels, peep-toe heels, or platforms, surely look stylish combining with culottes. The most important is, choose heels which accentuate your skin. Thus, this simple but stylish look will make you more elegant and classy.

Simple but Stylish

The last fashion tip for you is always choosing the minimalist look with culottes. Choose a top, handbag, and high heels in neutral and solid color like navy, white, camel, and black.

When you want to add accessories, just choose the simplest and minimalist one because culottes have created the bold and fashion statement on your appearance.

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