Looks Slim With Your Clothing Choices

Slim is the desire of every woman. Lean can be obtained in different ways, sports is one of them. With exercise, lean body is not a dream anymore. But to get the appearance of a flat stomach, the legs look more level and a more slender arms can be obtained in an instant way if you know a few tricks to dress appropriately.

Displaying impression on foot ladder
If you have a short posture and wants to look higher on your appearance, matching trousers with high heels is the answer.

Disguise big calves
If you have a calf that looks bigger and tend to be muscular, can be disguised with a pair of high heel shoes. Simply wear high heel shoes, no need is too high then match with your favorite outfit.

Hide fat in the abdomen
Abdominal fat is a problem experienced by most women. Do not worry, you can hide the flab on your stomach with hight waisted pants.

Hide the waist shape
Slim waist impression can be obtained by adding a belt to wear. Wear a belt just above your hips on your tops or a long dress. This will disguise the shape of your waist look big in an instant.

Streamline the arm shape
Cover the arm with a great shape with a three-quarter sleeves. In addition to giving the impression lean on your arms, your appearance will also look more polite.

Covering a large shoulder
If your upper body look bigger, especially on the shoulder, can be covered by wearing a scarf or shawl. Use the scarf or shawl on the neck for correction form of your shoulders .

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Combine both tricks, doing exercise and smart dress, your appearance will be extraordinary.

Peplum Dress to MAke You Look Thinner Looks Slim With Your Clothing Choices

Black Stylish Dress Looks Slim With Your Clothing Choices

Elegant Black Dress Looks Slim With Your Clothing Choices

Patterned Dress Looks Slim With Your Clothing Choices

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