How to Look Slimmer by Wearing Belt Tips for Women

The women belt doesn’t only function to neat and comfort the outfit or pants. For women, a belt also aims to look slimmer. There are some details and variations of women’s belt such as color, size, shape and style. The belts help to create the proportional body look and give the accent on women’s appearance. For you, wearing belt tips are now easily.

Wearing Belt Which is Similar to the Outfit Color

Wearing belt tips which are similar with the outfit color gives the long torso accent on your outfit. Most of the outfit will look more attractive and more hourglass shape added by a belt. To make you more elegant, select a little or thin belt in similar color with your outfit. A black color outfit also gives the maximal slim effect on your appearance.

The Metal Belt also Gives the Slimmer Body Look for the Casual and Semi Formal Style

A metal belt, which can give the slimmer body look, can also be combined with any kind of outfit easily. Wow, it’s the plus impact for you to look slimmer by applying these wearing belt tips. The metal color belt is suitable for the casual or semi-formal outfit. Try to combine it with jeans, mini skirt, or a midi skirt. Don’t add accessories such as necklace or bracelet because it will be too much.

Obi Belt Makes Your Waist Looks Slimmer

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One again, obi belt, with the wide style of obi belt, it can cover almost your waist perfectly. Therefore it perfectly makes you look slimmer. Instead of always wearing jacket or blazer to cover your belly and waist, adding obi belt gives a more significant effect on your appearance and moreover it can make your dress looks more elegant.

Hip Slung Belt also Creates the Similar Effect Like an Obi Belt

Similar with obi, this belt gives the casual appearance and frames the waist perfectly. Usually, a hip-slung belt is combined with a mini or midi dress and also skirt in the feminine look. Wearing belt tips are very important to make you look slimmer and more attractive instantly.

Sparkling Belt for Party

The decoration of jewelry or sequins as the wearing belt tips will attract many people on your waist. It looks perfect with a chiffon or cotton dress.

A Little Black Dress with Gold Metal Belt Gives the Slimmer Body Look How to Look Slimmer by Wearing Belt Tips for Women Elegant Gray Lace Dress with a Little Belt in the Same Color How to Look Slimmer by Wearing Belt Tips for Women Fashion Trend with Obi Belt Creates the Significant Slimmer Effect to the Body Shape How to Look Slimmer by Wearing Belt Tips for Women

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