Smart Ideas on Wearing Cardigan Stylishly

Cardigan is a fashion item that must be owned by every woman in their closet. Cardigan aims to keep you warm and stylish at the same time. Besides, a cardigan is very easy to be combined with any kind of outfit. You may be bored with your common way in wearing a cardigan. But actually, there are many ways in wearing cardigan stylishly like the following examples.

Combine with a Belt

An easy way on wearing cardigan stylishly is by adding a belt. Add a belt on your cardigan to get the different look instantly. Wear a T-shirt with your cardigan and jeans or other pants to make you look casual. Wearing belt on your cardigan will also create the hourglass illusion to make you more attractive.

The Longer Underneath

Wear a T-shirt which is longer than your cardigan to create the modern look. Make sure that the cardigan fits your body. This appearance creates a more attractive fashion look instantly. Besides, it is an easy way on wearing cardigan stylishly so you can mix and match your cardigan with any color of T-shirt.

Combine It with Patterned Dress

Not only casual with T-shirt and Jeans, try another feminine and casual way wearing cardigan stylishly with a beautifully patterned dress. This combination will make you look awesome and elegant.

Make It as a Top

Do you want to look sexy but still casual with a cardigan? Use your favorite cardigan as a top to combine with the matching pants. Simple but sexy, this look will certainly make you more confident.

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Combine with Jeans

Yes, it’s true that cardigan can be paired with any kind of outfit, moreover jeans. When you don’t want to do much effort with your fashion look but keep stylish, you can only pair your cardigan with jeans and favorite T-shirt.

Preppy Look

Wearing cardigan stylishly can be also made by the preppy look. Choose a plaid shirt or other patterns to combine with jeans and cardigan. Add some accessories in the bright color as the modern look.

Dramatic Look

Wear a base colored top to add with a patterned cardigan for the dramatic look. The patterned long cardigan is perfect for tall women to look stylish instantly. Make it complete with some unique accessories such as thick necklace, earrings, and bright color handbag.

Smart Cardigan Fashion Style with a Belt Smart Ideas on Wearing Cardigan Stylishly Smart Idea on Wearing Cardigan Stylishly with Long Patterned Cardigan and Tights Smart Ideas on Wearing Cardigan Stylishly Smart Idea on Wearing Cardigan with a Patterned Dress Smart Ideas on Wearing Cardigan Stylishly

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