Streetwear Style for a Freedom Lover & Rule Breaker

The way of dressing shows someone’s character and a good dressing shows how to appreciate our self. Here, we’ll talk about streetwear style.

What’s it?

It’s a style which inspired by punk people, their way to dress and hip-hop culture. This style arises in 1980’s. It begins with the surfing and skate culture in Long Angeles. Nowadays, the development of fashion word is increased significantly. Usually, this style is for the people who love the freedom and break a rule. Not only men, the women also love this style. You can try this style which can upgrade your daily look.

Let’s discuss the rules to dress to dress with this style!

1. Use some streetwear brands!

There are many local or international brands which provide the streetwear. The logo isn’t just a symbol. If you wear a branded clothes and its logo is visible, the more famous the brand is the greater confession of others to you and increase your confidence. Some brands which are famous for its streetwear are Stussy, Les (Art)ists, Penfield, Zanerobe, and Publish.

2. Simple style

Never wear clothes which have many patterns/striking design. You can wear the basic t-shirt or flannel shirt mix with you jeans, jogger pants, chino pants, and then wear the sneakers and also your sunglasses/snapback. The monochrome color is popular lately. You can wear the bigger size clothes for the freedom of moving, like baseball shirt, hoodie, or parka

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3. Show your youth side!

The youth look is a strong character of this style. Show it! The choice of items is the key to getting into this style. For example, for casual style, you can choose kind of clothes such as varsity jacket, basic t-shirt, polo shirt, and jeans, chino pants, cargo pants, or jogger pants. If you want to wear ripped jeans is no problem. Then, for a casual formal look, you can choose formal wear and combine it with sneakers and don’t use a tie.

Are you interested in this style? Try it out to upgrade your confident! You can get all essentials on the online clothing store or you can buy them in some stores which nearby with your area.

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