Stylish Coats for the Stylish Men

When it comes to rainy and chilly, some men don’t think about the stylish appearance again. You may just think how to warm yourself from the chilly day. Actually, you can still have the stylish appearance in the rainy or winter season. So, what is the fashion item for this season? That is coat. Coat is a cool fashion item which is so comfortable and protects you from wet. Here are some inspirations in wearing coat to create the stylish appearance for men.

Trench Coat

Now, you never need to be afraid again to go to your office in the rainy day. Precisely, you will have the super stylish look with a trench coat. You can choose your elegant work outfits such as suits with a tie. The camel color coat may look elegant with your neutral color suits. Make sure that your coat can protect you from wet perfectly.

Shearling Coat

This coat looks so thick and warm since it is made from processed lambskin, sheepskin, or pelt. You can look stylish with this coat by combine it with other casual fashion items. T-shirt and jeans will create the balance look with your shearling coat. Loafers or sneakers will complete your young and stylish look. This men fashion style will make you comfortably warm and stylish in the chilly day.

Rain Jacket

The rain jacket can also become your stylish daily outfit. This jacket type will protect you from the wet when the rain is coming. You can create the simple and casual appearance by combining your rain jacket with a T-shirt and jeans. Also wear the contrasting color shirt underneath to create the beautiful accent on your appearance.

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Lightweight Coat

In the rainy day, the combination of shirt, black jeans and lightweight coat will create the comfiest and the stylish look on you. Choose the dark color coat for the classy look and pick the soft color of shirt which looks contrast with your lightweight coat. Wear the cool boots for more stylish and modern look.


Overcoat can also become the perfect choice for the rainy season. For the different look, you can choose the plaid patterns overcoat. Set the formal style by combine your overcoat with shirt, tie and trousers. When you want the casual look, just wear it with jeans and sneakers.

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