Keep Stylish at the Office with Simple Touch

How well you dress to work in your office? Actually, professionalism and personality are the mainly part of your work. But how you dress actually shows your quality and elegance. Having a good dress to work is a way to be confident going with your daily routine. These tips may inspire you to be fashionable even though you’re in your office.


Look for trousers and blouse which is stylish for the official outfit. Occasionally, you can try to wear a black skirt with embroidery for the different appearance. You don’t need too many accents on your dress, just little print on the neck part or another side of your shirt will beautify your look.

High Heels

Never been denied high heels are important for women. It makes you more confident with the elegance of your appearance. Wearing high heels helps you look higher and graceful. Match your high heels color with your outfit in the same tone of color. You can also choose the beautiful printed pattern which is matched with your dress.


Right choices of handbag for a woman will complete her appearance. The leather handbag may become a cool choice for your official outfit with many brands like Chloe, Chanel, Prada, or Celine. They’re classic but make you more elegant. Don’t forget to match the color of your handbag with your outfits.


Blazer and other outers become women choice to be worn on work. A jacket as your outer to work late evening is elegant to be applied to you. Choose the black color which is neutral for you. Sometimes, you can also use the coat for a winter season.

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Elegant Dress

Maxi or mini dress will be elegant for your formal occasion such as when you are going to work. Choose A-line or sheath dress which is simple but beautiful to your appearance. The color of your dress must be calm like pastel color or white or black and other dark colors.


Accessories can change your appearance so don’t afraid to add some accessories to you. Solid color of your dress will be beautiful to be combined with a big necklace. Just one or two accessories are enough for you.

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