How to Look Stylish with the Rain Coat

Rain season always makes us annoyed. You cannot also show your cool street appearance while you’re covered by a raincoat. Have you know that you can look stylish with your raincoat? You may just have not found yet a cool style with the raincoat. Look at the following tips to have a stylish fashion with the raincoat.

Contrasting Color
The first way to wear a raincoat is by combining two different colors. Of course, there are so many color choices to make you look cheerful and attractive. If you like the bright color, it’s OK but combine it with another natural color like a black dress. Or, you can choose natural colors like white, black, or nude for your raincoat for more elegant look.

Skinny Jeans
Sometimes, your raincoat is short or no longer than your knee. Thus, you can wear your skinny jeans to make your legs look taller and slimmer. Besides, you can look edgy and stylish with your skinny jeans and rain coat. You can wear sneakers for a casual look, or high heels for more formal and elegant look.

Exposing Legs
Another way to wear a raincoat for your stylish fashion is by combine it with short. Expose your beautiful legs while wearing a raincoat, top and denim shorts. This fashion style will make you look taller and skinnier. You can wear your denim shorts with a loose T-shirt or boyfriend shirt.

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Roll Up Sleeves
Wearing a raincoat usually looks too formal and stiff, thus you need to roll up your sleeves to be more stylish and casual. You can roll up your coat sleeves until your elbow to make you more comfortable. This trick can also be also used with your trench coat.

Transparent Coat
For the most flexible rain coat, choose the transparent one. The transparent rain coat will look lighter and easy to be combined. Attract people with your transparent coat and the beautiful dress underneath. Choose a raincoat with black outline for more attractive appearance.

How about those ideas? They are easy, right? Now, you can be comfortable with your rain coat and moreover look stylish whether it’s rain or not.

Transparent Raincoat for Women Fashion Style How to Look Stylish with the Rain Coat Nice Classic Yellow Raincoat Combine with Skinny Jeans How to Look Stylish with the Rain Coat Beautiful Girl Wear Cute Raincoat in Pink Colored How to Look Stylish with the Rain Coat

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