Suit Your Necklines with the Best Necklaces!

A necklace is an accessory to embellish your neck and appearance. But, you can’t choose a necklace randomly, I mean that you should choose a necklace which suits the neckline. What’s the neckline? A neckline is an arch form on the collar. There are many types of collar necklines, such as off-shoulder, shirt collar, strapless, and much more. Do you have some of them?

Now, I’ll tell you some tips to suit the necklace with your lovely clothes.


It has a collar which covers the neck. You should wear a long necklace with or without a pendant. This is can make your body looks proportional.


Combine this collar with a necklace which follows the shape of V-neck collar. Try the small pendant necklace.


You can try to wear the choker necklace or any big ornament necklace to combine your strapless cloth. If you don’t wear a necklace with this strapless, you look like someone who has been out of the bathroom and like something is missing in your appearance.


Halter neck

This is a sleeveless cloth which has a neckline similar to the V-neck collar. You can combine it with a simple necklace or you can choose the small pendant, such as a necklace with a triangle pendant.


This collar follows the breast curve. You can combine it with an edgy/ethnic necklace.


It has a low neckline on the chest. You can use a short volume pendant necklace.

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You can choose a pile necklace which fits on the neckline (not too long) to complete your appearance.

Boat neck

Choose a long necklace which can be wrapped in a few times on your neck.

Collar shirt

You can open 2 top buttons and wear a flimsy necklace with a small pendant. Also, you can wear a shirt and close the buttons until the uppermost button. It’s like the teenagers did nowadays, and then choose the short statement necklace until the necklace strap/chain covered by the collar.

I’ve told you about the necklaces for the necklines for balancing your appearance. But, a fashion style is just about a taste. So, everything is up to you.

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