Super Easy Hairstyles for Casual and Formal Event

Have you ever had a super lazy day to style your hair? At the end, you just let your hair down and even don’t comb it. Actually, it cannot be your reason to have an awful appearance moreover when you must go to an important event. This article will help you to get some easy hairstyle ideas for both, formal and casual.

Side Twist

This is the easiest hair styling you can try at home. You can do the side twist hairstyle in just 10 seconds. The first step is creating a little section of your front side hair or bangs. Then twist your hair backwards over your ear. After that, secure your twist hair with two bobby pins in the cross position (like X). Look at the result! Super simple and sweet! This hairstyle is perfect to create a casual style when you don’t have enough time to dress up.

Middle Twist

Just as easy as the side twist hairstyle, a middle twist can be your choice. You just need to apply two easy steps in creating the middle twist. First, take a little section of your middle top hair and make a twist on it. Then secure it with your bobby pins. How? It’s super easy, right? You will look fresher by this hairstyle for your casual occasions.

Ponytail Headband

Another easy way to create a pretty casual hairstyle is making a ponytail headband. How are the steps? First, make a common ponytail of your whole hair and tie with a hair tie. Then, wear a headband around your head and ponytail. After that, pull out your ponytail and neat it. Now you have a sporty and casual hairstyle to out.

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Side Braids

For the formal event, you can create side braids which look so elegant and beautiful. Take a section of your side hair and create braids until the end. Secure your braids with a bobby pin backwards. Apply some volume wax to make texture on your hair.

Side Roll

If you want the classier look, make a side roll adorned with some pretty pins. Create a hair roll with your forefinger in a little side of your hair and secure it with bobby pins. Adorn with some beautiful pins and you are ready for your formal event.

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