The Tips for Buying Wedding Ring

Deciding to marry somebody is a big decision. You must prepare everything properly, start from budget, wedding attire, bride price, guests, banquet, makeup artist, wedding venue, and wedding ring. Maybe all of them would be confusing for you. You will make scribbles on paper only for estimating the wedding needs which appropriate with your budget. But, generally, the most confusing is choose the wedding ring set because you’ll cogitate whether the wedding ring is suitable for you and your fiancée or just for you, or vice versa. The wedding ring is a wedding symbol. It will be used in your hand forever and will be exchanged during the wedding ceremony. The ring will tell people that you’re somebody’s “other half”. Because will be used for a long period even forever, you must be careful to choose the wedding ring, and I know that you definitely never want bad wedding ring for your historical moment.

Read some points to buy wedding ring in a smart way, as following below:

Estimated time

You must decide a specific time in ordering your wedding ring. It means that when you’ve determined your wedding date, the craftsmen also can predict the order completion time.


For the wedding ring, you can set aside about 3% of your wedding budget. Every bride has different wedding budget, you don’t have to follow the standard budget. The price of wedding ring depends on metal you choose.

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This is important too. Beware when you choose the wedding ring design.  The more complicated design is the more expensive price. So, you will spend more money. But, it’s up to you.

The design of wedding ring is also adjusted with your work and its environment. It means that if you work in outdoor place, for instance as an engineer, architect, you should choose the wedding ring without a diamond in its middle side. But, if you are or your fiancée is an office worker, it’s okay to wear a diamond ring.


Choose the material which appropriates with your budget. What do you want? Gold or platinum? Or a combination?

Think your wedding needs carefully, don’t let you need more money or stuck in a debt. Make it balance!

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