Tips for Caring Shoes Collection

Shoes are complementary in dressing. Many of you who collect various types and models of shoes to match with your clothes. But do not just collect shoes, you also have to take care of your shoes collection in order to survive longer and comfortable when used.

Do not use shoes when feet are wet, because it can allow bacteria to grow and make the shoe has a scent that is not pleasant.

Save shoes in a dry and not humid. Put the shoes on a regular basis and arrange on a rack or shoes store on the box. Do not let your shoes be stored with overlapping as this can damage and soiling your shoes.

Use a brace or shoes tree on your shoes for shoes has not changed shape.

Different types of basic materials of shoes, also different how to treat them well. For leather shoes, use a cloth or soft cloth to clean without using water. Shoes made of suede can be cleaned using a soft brush. While the fabric shoes, can be washed without using soap.

Dry the wet shoes by using a fan to half-dry. After that let the shoes dry by itself. Do not dry shoes in direct sunlight because it will cause the shoes color quickly faded.

If the shoes have unpleasant aroma, you can use a special spray for odor remover sold in the market. Spray on the inside of the shoes and let stand for a moment and let in the breeze, then you can simply wear them.

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For shoes remain durable and long lasting, immediately paste it back if you find there is the shoes that started regardless.

It is just easy enough to take care for your own shoes collection. Shoes that are well maintained will certainly support your appearance to be good too.
Women with Shoes Tips for Caring Shoes Collection

Women Shoes Care Tips Tips for Caring Shoes Collection

How to Care Your Shoes Tips for Caring Shoes Collection

Pile of Various Shoes for Women Tips for Caring Shoes Collection

Shoes Care Tips Tips for Caring Shoes Collection

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