Tips to Have a Chic Style with a Handkerchief Skirt

If you look for a unique and attractive style, you must consider a handkerchief skirt for your OOTD. A handkerchief in several colors, patterns and fabrics can be so attractive on you with the asymmetric accent on it. From casual, until the classy look can be styled with this kind of skirt depends on your mix and match your outfits. Here, there are some simple ways to create the super look with a handkerchief skirt.

Sexy Style

A watercolor floral print handkerchief skirt looks so awesome for you. You can create a sexy look with this beautiful skirt combining with a sexy tank top. For the classy and elegant look, opt for a black color fitted tank top and tuck it in your skirt. It will be amazing with a beautiful necklace on your neck. Also bring a glamor handbag to create a stunning look on you. This style is also perfect with a pair of black wedges.

Chic Style

A white handkerchief skirt can be your next choice to create a casual chic style. Pair your fun skirt with a unique bright red color top. With the long sleeves option, your appearance will look so attractive. Choose the brown color of shiny midi boots which look so elegant and classy on your appearance. A white sling bag can be a little accent to make your appearance balanced.

Edgy Style

Not only the feminine look, you can also create a chic edgy style with a handkerchief leather skirt. Choose a black color handkerchief leather skirt to combine with a white sweater. Make it more stylish with the black color biker boots. Also, add a black fedora hat to make you more attractive.

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Winter Style

There is no wonder to wear a handkerchief skirt in the winter season. Opt for a chiffon fabric which looks wonderful combining with a bomber jacket. Tuck on a pair of over-the-knee high boots which can make you warm and also stylish. Add a different color scarf to make you more comfortable and warmer. It will be more elegant with a black color of a little clutch on your hand.

Chic Style in a White Handkerchief Skirt and Red Blouse Tips to Have a Chic Style with a Handkerchief Skirt Edgy Style with a Handkerchief Leather Skirt and Sweater Tips to Have a Chic Style with a Handkerchief Skirt Winter Style with a Handkerchief Skirt and Bomber Jacket Tips to Have a Chic Style with a Handkerchief Skirt

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