Tips to Choose Bangs Style for Your Face Type

Appearance is the most important thing for every woman. Creating the best bang style is also needed to make your appearance beautiful. Choosing bangs style according to your face type is important for the balanced look. Before you cut your bangs, you should know your face type first, after that you can choose bangs style which is appropriate for you. These are the tips for you to choose bangs style easily.

Round Face Type

The first hairstyle tips are for the round face women. Having round face is identical with chubby cheeks. Usually, women with this look want to have the slimmer face look. Be careful! If you choose the wrong bangs style, it would make you look chubbier. To outsmart this condition, choose bangs style which can make your face looks tapering. For the round face type, asymmetric bangs are the best style with the layer cutting. This aims to narrower your face look and disguises the chubby cheeks.

Oval Face

Tips to choose bangs style for oval face type is more flexible than other face type. Generally, women with oval face can try any types of bangs according to their favorite. It is because the oval face type tends to suit with any kind of hairstyle. To create the wider look on face, you could choose side bangs style.

Square Face Type

Then, for the square face type, it is suggested to have front bangs with the longer part on every side. This hairstyle will make your face more proportional and oval. You better avoid choosing blunt bangs style, curtain bangs style, and straight bangs style. If you want to choose front bangs, you can choose bangs with messy cutting. You should also consider your hairstyle, for instance, pixie or long bob hairstyle.

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Heart Face

Someone who has heart face type generally has the same characteristic with the oval face. But the difference is a more tapering chin in the heart face type. Meanwhile, the forehead and cheeks are bigger. You can choose bangs style with bangs side style or straight style in front. When you choose front bangs style, form it like the upside down letter U.

Asymmetric Bangs Style for Round Face Type Tips to Choose Bangs Style for Your Face Type  Tips to Choose Bangs Style for Your Face Type Long Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs Tips to Choose Bangs Style for Your Face Type

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