Tips to Choose the Right Eyeglasses

For you who have the eyes problems like minus, plus or cylinder, the eyeglasses are important to help you in seeing. Besides, the eyeglasses are also cool accessories which can enhance your stylish look. When choosing the eyeglasses, you should consider some factors to get the best eyeglasses which can make you more attractive.

Types of Face

The face type really influences the eyeglasses frame shape. If you choose the wrong frame shape for your face, you will not look attractive. For you who have the round face shape, choose eyeglasses in the rectangle frame shape with the sharp angles. If you have the square face shape, choose the eyeglasses in oval, circle or curve frame to fit with your face. And then, if you have the oval face shape, you can wear any kind of frame shape which suits your face.

Skin Tone

When selecting the frame color of eyeglasses, you better choose it according to your skin tone. There is no problem for you who have fair skin tone because you can wear any kind of color. For you who have medium skin tone, you can choose eyeglasses frame in cream or brown color. Then if you have the dark skin tone, you can choose the bright color frame like blue or maroon. For the casual choice, you can pick the metallic color.

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If you want to collect the eyeglasses or wear the eyeglasses only as accessories, you can suit them with your outfits. Match the color with your whole outfit’s color for instance; when you wear the brown outfit, you also wear the eyeglasses in the same color tone.

If you wear the casual outfit like jeans, leather jacket, or tank top, you can select the wayfarer eyeglasses style with the bright color to create the casual look. If you want to look sporty, the strong edgy eyeglasses can be your perfect choice. Or, when you are wearing the feminine outfits, you can wear the black color eyeglasses with the army style and gold color.


Besides, you should also define the situation which you will come. If you want to come in the formal event, avoid wearing the bright color eyeglasses like red, green, sky blue or orange.

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