Tips to Determine Your Personal Fashion Style

Everyone surely has her/his own personal fashion style according to their favorite. Mix and match outfit according to the personality sometimes is pretty difficult. Before you determine your personal fashion style, you must know what the style which is suitable for you even you can experiment with any kind of fashion style. Don’t be wrong in deciding your outfit. You should try some ways and avoid wearing outfits which not suitable for you. To help you in this problem, I’ve collected some tips to determine your personal fashion style easily.

Look at Your Idol

If you have an idol in fashion, try to learn how to look like her/his style. Try to find what the same with you are in fashion. Not only your idol, you can also see some styles from your favorite actress, blogger or others. Create a list of 5 people you like and find their photos on the internet. Choose their styles which almost same with your personality, then write the elements contained on them. The most frequent elements you wrote are the most suitable styles for you.


If you are fans of OOTD (Outfit of the Day) from the internet, try to create your own OOTD. When you dress stylishly and attractive, capture and upload it. Capture your fashion style as often as you can because it can be your reference in the future.

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Clean Out Your Closet

Maybe this is the right time to put your closet on diet to determine your personal fashion style. The overload stuff in your closet will make you difficult to find your style since there are so many unused outfits in it. To ease you in deciding your fashion, try to get rid of all which are not suitable with your criteria.

Choose the Color and Your Favorite Pattern

The main element in determining personal fashion style is color and pattern. Choose black, white and gray color outfit if you like the neutral look. Choose yellow, green, blue, and red if you like the bold style. Also, select the most favorite pattern you like and want to wear every day. Choosing the favorite color outfit not only increase the confidence but also help you to determine your personal fashion style and expert in the mix and match the outfit.

Finding Neutral Color Outfit as the Best OOTD Tips to Determine Your Personal Fashion Style Girl Fashion Capture with Shorts and White Top Tips to Determine Your Personal Fashion Style Kendall Jenner as the Fashion Idol in Red Top and Skirt Tips to Determine Your Personal Fashion Style

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