Tips to Look Fashionable with Animal Print

Most of the women may not confident to dress all out since they don’t know how to mix and match fashion rightly and elegantly moreover for the fashionable animal print. Actually, if you have known the trick to wearing animal print, you will look so awesome. These are the tips to look fashionable with animal print.

Animal Pint Accessories

If you still not confident to wear an animal print outfit, you can try the animal print accessories. Wear a plain dress and combine it with fashionable animal print accessories such as a scarf, pumps, belt, bag, clutch, ring or bracelet. Your appearance will instantly chic with the animal print accessories.

Choose Small Pattern

Another way to wear fashionable animal print outfit is choosing the small pattern. This trick will help you if you never wear animal print outfit. It will be much better to choose leopard or zebra print which has the small pattern than others. In this way, you will look so elegant and beautiful.

Choose the Right Fabric

The different fabric will also give the different result of appearance. For the casual look, you can choose fashionable animal print made of cotton, jersey, or linen. While, for the glamor look, select velvet, satin, silk or fur fabric.

Combine with Plain Color

Combining fashionable animal print outfit with a plain outfit will be more elegant for you. For instance, if you have worn the animal print skirt, don’t wear the animal print top. You don’t want to look silly, right?

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Appropriate for the Situation

A long fur coat with the leopard print certainly looks awesome on the runway’s model. But, imagine if you wear it in a mall with your friends! It looks too much. Thus, when choosing the fashionable animal print outfit, appropriate for the situation, weather, location and your personality.

Don’t Apply too much Makeup

When you are wearing the fashionable animal print outfit, don’t apply too much makeup. You only need to look natural with the minimalist makeup. You don’t need to the thick makeup, some layers of false eyelashes, lipstick or nail polish. Just wear cat eye look makeup and nude color lipstick to look wonderful.

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