Tips to Have A Long Lasting Makeup Result

The most common problem for the women is having an oily face. Isn’t it? This is such a big problem. An oily skin is hard to be conquered. It’s a must to choose the best beauty products which can solve the problem. Especially at daytime and when the sun is hot, we must have many paper-oil, but if we don’t have, our face will be and oil refinery and fade our makeup result.

Now, I give you the solutions. Read it!

  1. Wash your face before doing makeup

An oily face is easy to be dirty. You must wash your face cleanly, so the dirt is gone. If your face is clean, the makeup result becomes long-lasting.

  1. Rub the ice cube on your face

If you have time, you can rub the ice cube on your face to make your makeup result becomes long-lasting. The ice cube will handle your oil gland production, at least when you’re doing makeup. After that, use your moisturizer.

  1. Use primer makeup!

It’s a makeup base. This primer will absorb the oil, tighten pores, make your face becomes matte, and make your foundation becomes long-lasting. Use the primer on your oily area T-zone (i.e.

forehead and nose) and chin. Choose a primer which labeled “Anti-gloss and Oil-free”.

  1. Loose powder

This is really good for your oily skin because it can absorb the oil quickly. While the compact powder contains oil, so it can mess your makeup result.

  1. Choose the compact foundation!

This is only for the extreme oily face because this foundation can absorb your oil properly.

  1. Choose makeup kit which labeled “Non-comedogenic or Oil-free) and long-lasting product!

It’s for sure to avoid the oil-base makeup kit. If you choose the non-comedogenic or oil-free product, they will clog the pores, and never cause the pimples or blackheads. If you choose the long-lasting product, your makeup result will be the last longer.

  1. Oil-paper

It’s a must! This is your mainstay. You must put the oil-paper on your bag.

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A face is your asset. So, you must give the best treatment and products to have a healthy face although you use many makeup products.

Beauty Effects of Ice Cube for Your Face Tips to Have A Long Lasting Makeup Result Loose Powder Makeup for Your Face Tips to Have A Long Lasting Makeup Result The Right Way Wash Your Face Before Doing Makeup Tips to Have A Long Lasting Makeup Result

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