Tips to Mix and Match Your Shoes and Socks Stylishly

Have you known that most of the shoes can be combined with socks beautifully? Yes, it’s true but you should know the rules in mix and match shoes and socks because if you do the mistake, you will look weird. Heel shoes and socks are not matched. Who said? They even can be super awesome. This is the time to combine your socks with your shoe collections. Read these inspirations!

Wedges and Sheer Socks

Who said that wedges are not well combined with socks? Wait until you try this! You can wear wedges for the casual or formal occasion. For the formal occasion, wear sheer and plain socks; while for casual you can freely choose the socks. The patterned and thick socks for wedges are also cool to pair. The neutral color choice can balance the heavy look of wedges. Don’t forget to match them with your shoes and socks.

Sneakers and Patterned Socks

The sneakers are the most comfortable footwear to combine with socks. Usually, sneakers are combined with cotton socks for sport but now they can be the daily fashion style. If you just want to look stylish with sneakers and socks, you can choose thin socks from nylon or spandex. You will look so casual and beautiful. The shoe type can be matched with any kind of fabric, color, texture, and pattern.

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Don’t Ever Wear Ankle Boots without Socks

The ankle boots are very cool combined with short socks peeking out from the boots. You will have a really stylish appearance. You must remember to not wearing boots without socks because the hard characteristic of boots will make your foot easily chafed.

Mid-Calf Socks is Very Cool for Oxford Shoes

If you want to look mature with flat shoes and socks, opt for the cotton socks and oxford shoes. It looks so preppy and masculine with the black color mid-calf socks and the oxford shoes. You can also wear the colorful mid-calf socks to look more eye-catching and fun.

High Heels and Socks

The high heels are the most favorite shoes among women because they can make women look taller and more confident. There are many choices of high heels like stilettos, marry jane, T-strap, etc. Combine your high heel shoes with socks to make you look different.

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