Tips to Wear Distressed Denim Shorts for Summer

Your summer will be completed with your distressed denim shorts. Yes, it is your integral part of the summer season. You may feel enjoy and relax wearing this outfit with the high temperature outside. Actually, the characteristic of distressed denim short is casual and even too mess if you cannot make a good combination of it. To make your style trendy and chic with distressed denim shorts, you may try these tips.

Off the Shoulder Top

Putting together a trendy, casual, chic and feminine look with an off-the-shoulder top is a great choice. A bold character of distressed denim short is balanced with a white off the shoulder blouse. Don’t forget to wear your sneakers which will be so matched with your outfit.

Tucking Your Shirt

Your outfit will be more tailored by tucking your shirt in your distressed denim shorts. Choose an army color long sleeves shirt to match with your distressed denim short. Add a leather belt and ankle booties to make your appearance more elegant and chic.

Stripes T-shirt

Avoid your sloppy appearance with a simple striped T-shirt. A cute hat and bright color sandals will complete your appearance on summer. You still also feel comfortable with your appearance without any sloppy.

A Cute Crop Top

For you who like to be feminine and chic, this style may become your choice. Select a flower pattern of a crop top and pair it with your distressed denim short and cute sandals for your neat appearance. You will be looking more amazing lovely with an Off-the-shoulders crop top. Casual and cute, you will be more confident to going out with your ripped shorts.

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Fitted Blazer

Distressed denim short with a simple white T-shirt and a fitted black blazer is a beautiful combination. You will have masculine, cool, and elegant as well with this outfit. To give a fancy touch, wear a black belt and a golden bracelet which is suitable with your outfit. You will look different and elegant with your distressed denim shorts. Now, you’re ready to enjoy your summer with your favorite denim short without any sloppy look.

Tucking Your Shirt in Your Distressed Denim Shorts Tips to Wear Distressed Denim Shorts for Summer Beautiful Girl Wear White Lace Off Shoulder Top and Denim Shorts Tips to Wear Distressed Denim Shorts for Summer Cute Crop Top Combine with Denim Shorts for Feminine and Chic Style Tips to Wear Distressed Denim Shorts for Summer

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