Top Ten Mistakes on Fashion

Every woman always want to look beautiful and perfect. For that reason many women are vying to follow existing trends, but without enough consideration. Some mistakes in dressing that may be less attention but is often done would affect the appearance. Here are Top Ten mistakes on Fashion that oftenly done by women :

Loose Size
Loose clothing can be deserved, but can also be inappropriate. One kind of loose clothing that recommended is bubble skirt paired with tight tops and big belts. What become a big no is wearing a large knee-length or baggy pants. Make sure that you are buying clothes that fit the size of your body.

Combining Red and Green
Red and green are two colors that should be avoided to be used simultaneously. Both these colors will look collide. This also applies to make-up face. If you want to apply green eye shadow then avoid the use of bright red lipstick, you should choose a lipstick with a nude color or just wear a lipglos.

Clothes vs Body Shape
Following fashion trends is not always wise. Because not all women have a body shape like a model that suitable for all types of trends. The important thing is not to force yourself to follow the trend if it does not fit the body shape.

Wearing More Than One Pattern
Avoid wearing clothes that are too crowded and have more than one style. Try to only display one style or motif for your appearance. Plaid pant material will looks good when paired with one color tops. Or conversely, floral dress, simply paired with jeans. Simple appearance will look more attractive.

Tight Clothing Not For Everyone
Not all fashion trends suitable for everyone. Some people must avoid certain trends. One is the trend of tight pants like leggings. These pants will be seen embedded or attached to the skin and the shape of your feet. So, if you do not have beautiful feet then, do not ever wear it. This pant looks perfect when combined with a rather loose tops, but for your own sake please avoid this style if it does not fit with your body shape.

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Underwear is Very Important
Choose appropriate underwear will improve the appearance, unproper underwear will embarrass you. When you use a pants or skirts made from thin rather or white colored, you should not use the usual underwear, choose thong is better.

Combining Mini Skirt with Short Dress
Mini skirt combined with a short dress is a big no. Short dress would be more appropriately combined with your jeans.

Use Excessive Jewelry
Do not combine the use of earrings, necklaces, rings and brooches simultaneously. Your appearance will seem excessive and heavy. A necklace and pair of earrings surely sweeten the look. If you want to wear a pair of large or long earrings, just add a ring or bracelet, but never combine it with a long necklace.

Dirty Shoes
Every woman must have some collection of shoes that simply follow the trend, if not, as long as having a basic shoe that can be used in all situations is just enough. But having the collection not as important as wearing shoes in a clean condition. You will get embarrassed when wearing shoes in dirty conditions.

Sneakers For Every Fashion
Convenience is one consideration in choosing the type of footwear. Most people like to combine sneakers with jeans skirt. As long as they do not wear it too often in every opportunity, these performances would not be problematic. But sometimes you need to make changes, so that you will not look boring and monotonous. Try to pairing your skirt or jeans with wedges or high heels. The touch will make you look classic and sexy.

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