The Best Tricks to Long Lasting Foundation

For women who are still beginners in applying makeup, applying foundation may seem difficult. Besides, there is another problem in applying foundation that is the foundation cannot last longer. Creating the long lasting foundation actually is not difficult. There are some awesome tricks on it. Well, if you already curious enough, it is better to go straight on how to outsmart long lasting foundation.

Make Sure that Your Face is Clean

The preparations before wearing makeup actually are very important. Make sure that your face is clean if you want to have the long lasting foundation. Besides, if you have the dry skin, you must exfoliate your skin to remove the dead skin cells from your skin. This method will make your foundation sticks perfectly and flawless.

Use Makeup Primer

When your skin is already cleaned, you better to wear primer first before applying the foundation. Makeup primer can also help covering flaws on the face and makes long-lasting foundation and makeup. Start from the areas which need more corrections such as nose, forehead, and chin. Then, you can apply to other areas slightly.

Choose a Right Foundation Product

Like other makeup products, a foundation must be appropriate for your skin to create the long lasting foundation result. For you who have the oily skin type, choose a long lasting foundation which is not faded easily by sweat. You need to know that actually, there is no makeup product can get rid of the natural skin oil. In another hand, dry skin type needs a foundation which has moisturizer formula and gives the healthy glowing effect on the face. This long lasting foundation can make your face looks more natural and flawless. It is better to apply foundation 10 minutes before applying moisturizer. This makeup trick absolutely will bring on long lasting makeup and cover black spots perfectly.

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Translucent Powder

After the foundation covers your face flawlessly, don’t forget to apply translucent powder. It can bind foundation and concealer last longer. Apply the powder slightly for the natural makeup look. Avoid the too thick powder such as compact powder because it will block the skin pores.

Applying Foundation Makeup Tips The Best Tricks to Long Lasting Foundation Applying Translucent Powder Makeup Tips The Best Tricks to Long Lasting Foundation Makeup Primer before Applying Foundation The Best Tricks to Long Lasting Foundation

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