Types of Eyeliner and How to Apply

Eyeliner is a cosmetic product which functions to define the lashline. There are some types of eyeliner which also have the different result each other. Some women who don’t like makeup may don’t know about the types of eyeliner. If you want to know about that, read the explanation below and the way how to apply it rightly.

Pencil Eyeliner

The first type of eyeliner is pencil eyeliner. Like its name, this cosmetic product is in a pencil form. Pencil eyeliner is a good choice for the daily makeup because it is so easy to apply, simple and natural. The first way before using this product, you must whittle your pencil eyeliner to get the perfect tip of eyeliner. Then pull a line on the upper lashline from inner to outer. For the lower lashline, you only need to start from the middle part to the outer part to create the natural look.

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is the second types of eyeliner. This eyeliner is generally in liquid texture which has a tube pack. Comparing with pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner is thicker and last longer. Besides, women who have slanted eyes should choose this eyeliner since it is thick. You can apply the liquid eyeliner using a little brush as an applicator. Pull a line from the outer V to create the perfect wing. Then, continue from the inner lashline until it covers enough. If you want to create the bigger eyes look, you can add more eyeliner to the upper lashline.

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Gel Eyeliner

Generally, gel eyeliner is a type of eyeliner which has compact and soft texture. Wearing gel eyeliner is easier than liquid eyeliner. For the long lasting result, you must choose eyeliner with waterproof type. This type cannot be faded by water or sweat so it will be better for you than the other types of eyeliner. Clean the applicator brush then take the eyeliner from the tube. Create a straight line following your upper lashline carefully. Start from the inner corner up to the outer corner. Then, repeat for another eye.

Those are the general types of eyeliner and you have known the way to apply it rightly. Now, you can choose your favorite eyeliner according to your need.

Gel Eyeliner Type Types of Eyeliner and How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner Type Types of Eyeliner and How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner Type Types of Eyeliner and How to Apply

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