The Types of Lipsticks

Who doesn’t love the lipstick? Many women love it. Seemingly, apply the lipstick is a must to make their face becomes fresh and bright. Every lipstick gives the different effect. There are many types of lipsticks in the market. Have you got the difference?


It’s also called as pearlescent lipstick and popular in the ’80s. It has shimmer and creamy texture. When you apply this lipstick on the lips will get an icy look, but not everyone is fit to this lipstick. If you use it for a long time can dry your lips, so use the lip balm before. This lipstick isn’t suitable for your daily.


It’ll give your lips the dewy effect. If you want to have a long lasting lipstick you can use a lip liner and want to make it matte, just stick and tap-tap a tissue on your lips after using this lipstick. It’s suitable for you who have small lips.


It’s the best for you who have dry lips. It contains moisturizer to nourish your lips. But, it’s too much oil, so you have to apply it on your lips repeatedly to get the color.


It’s popular in the early ’90s and comeback nowadays. Many women love this pigmented lipstick because it’s long lasting and not shiny. But, this lipstick can dry your lips and expose the lip lines, so use a lip balm before using it. This matte lipstick isn’t only available in a solid stick, but also in a liquid.

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Lip tint or Lip stain

If you want to use a lipstick but you don’t want to get a natural effect, this lipstick is your solution. The lip tint will give a natural color on your lips, but it does not give a full coverage like a lipstick. It’s available in several forms such as liquid, pencil, cream, or marker.


You will get the plump and shiny lips if use this lipstick. Even your lips look wet and moist, don’t forget to use a lip balm and lip scrub to get the smooth lips.

Now, you know the types of lipsticks. Do you have one of them? Although you love to use a lipstick, you have to take care of your lips by using a lip balm and lip scrub.

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