Types of Stockings You Should Know

Stockings are the popular women fashion items which have multifunction. Stockings can cover the weaknesses on your legs and protect you from the chilly weather, dust, and sunlight. Besides, by wearing stockings, you will look more stylish and sexier. Therefore, you should have the right choice stockings to enhance your look. There are so many types of stockings with different characteristics and purpose like have been explained below.

Sheer Stockings

This type of stockings made from sheer fabric. Because of the characteristic of these stockings that is transparent, you will look like not wearing stockings. The aim of these stockings is covering or hiding the deficiency on your legs. Sheer stockings suit to official look or other formal events.

Wear these stockings in the similar color with your skin tone to make your legs look natural and appropriate for any kind of your outfit.

You better don’t choose the gray color stockings because when the stockings are stretching, they will make your legs look dull and not attractive.


Opaque is a type of stockings which is thick and not transparent. The fabric is similar with leggings but opaque covers your legs and feet. With this characteristic, these stockings are perfect to protect your legs in the chilly days and keep you in warm.
Opaque in plain black color can be worn in the office and combined with the office skirt. This stocking type can also be worn casually with the loose top or loose dress. Don’t pair these stockings with a short top because it will make your butt more visible.

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Like the name, these stockings are like the fishing net. These stockings usually are worn as the decorative accent on fashion. You can wear fishnet stockings with shorts or mini skirt combine with a T-shirt and boots as the casual appearance like hanging out with your friends. Don’t wear these stockings to go to the office or other formal occasions. Also, don’t combine the stockings with the tight outfit.

Printed Stockings

Stockings with the pattern and picture give the cheerful appearance. You should wear the printed stockings with the plain color skirt or dress to avoid the ‘too much’ appearance.

Colorful Bubble Printed Stockings Ideas Types of Stockings You Should Know These Stockings Usually are Worn as the Decorative Accent on Fashion Types of Stockings You Should Know This Type of Stockings Made from Sheer Fabric Types of Stockings You Should Know

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