Types of Vest to Make Your T-shirt Looks Attractive

Fashion style actually can be learned and developed in every person over the time. Have you ever thought that wearing a simple and plain T-shirt or shirt looks boring? Imagine! You wear a plain shirt or T-shirt to an invitation. Yes, it is certainly embarrassing. Try to wear a vest to make you look different even with your plain shirt. This sleeveless outer can change your look instantly more formal and elegant. If you don’t believe it, see the following types of vest which can make you dressed up simply.

Leather Vest

There are at least two types of a leather vest, actually. The first type is made with a special pattern which is added by goose feather or cotton inside. This type of vest can be worn with another jacket to resist the chilly weather. Another type of vest made from leather usually worn by bikers.

Denim Vest

The next types of vest are made of denim which is very popular in every age; men and women. Start from cattle raiser (who is called as a cowboy), hippies in the ‘70s, until the newest fashion street styles. The cowboys wear their vest with plaid shirt and dark color jeans. Then, hippies like to wear their denim vest with T-shirt and flared leg jeans. In another way, street style fans wear denim vest with a shirt, jogger pants, and boots.

Tailored Vest

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For the office attire, the best types of vest are tailored vest with the neatly tailored fabric. If your vest is plain without a pattern, you can combine it with long sleeves striped shirt or a contrasting colored shirt. The dark color vest can be paired with a contrasting colored shirt but still in the same color tone to make you look elegant without looking too much and also masculine. For more stylish look, tailored vest as the formal types of vest is usually worn with suits. It is more popular called as three piece suits. You may usually mix and match pants, white shirt and suit or tuxedo, thus these three piece suits added by tailored vest which is made in the same theme. You can wear this attire for some formal occasions to look elegant, classy and handsome.

Black Mens Leather Vest Types of Vest to Make Your T shirt Looks Attractive Men Fashion Style with a Denim Vest Graphic Tee and Black Pants Types of Vest to Make Your T shirt Looks Attractive Tailored Mens Vest for the Formal Fashion Look Types of Vest to Make Your T shirt Looks Attractive

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