Types of Women Bags to Enhance Your Fashion Part 1

Most of the women like to collect some brands of the bag in many types, styles, and colors. Bag not only helps you to bring some women items in it but also to enhance your appearance. For the trendy women, going without a bag is not complete. With so many choices of women bags, you may sometimes difficult to choose the best one for you. Thus, this article helps you to know some types of women bag which can enhance your fashionable look.

Hobo Bag

This bag has a special characteristic which is different with others that are the rounded shape of the bag which looks like the crescent moon. For you who like to bring so many stuff, hobo bag is the best choice. In the unique shape, hobo bag with the short string will make you look modish and beautiful. It is also well known with the name shoulder bag because it has the string on the shoulder.

Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bag can be defined easily by its drawstring which is easily opened and closed. This bag is appropriate for you who like traveling with the beautiful looks bag.

Satchel Bag

Satchel bag usually has the rectangle shape which tends to rigid and completed with the short string or long string to sling. This bag is commonly layered by leather or fabric in the outside. You can use this bag to enhance your appearance when you are going everywhere.

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Clutch Bag

The little bag without string which is called clutch bag usually becomes the women’s favorite bag to go to the party. Most of the women will look more beautiful and elegant by bringing a clutch bag in soft color. But, this bag actually is not only for the party accessory, you can also use this bag to some casual occasions with the casual clutch style.

Tote Bag

Similar to the hobo bag, a tote bag is designed to accommodate a lot of stuff. Generally, tote bag has the rectangle shape or trapezium with the short string. You can bring this bag to go traveling or hang out with your friends.


The backpack is the favorite items of women who like the sporty look. With the casual style of backpack, this bag is appropriate for students or everyone who like the practical bag. Besides, the backpack has so many styles, patterns, and colors which make you look younger.

Blue Color Hobo Bag Types of Women Bags to Enhance Your Fashion Part 1 Navy and White Satchel Bag Types of Women Bags to Enhance Your Fashion Part 1 Pink Color Tote Bag Types of Women Bags to Enhance Your Fashion Part 1

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