Types of Women Bags to Enhance Your Fashion Part 2

There are so many types of the women bags sometimes make you difficult to define them. Thus, this article will continue the first part “Types of Women Bags to Enhance Your Fashion (Part 1) about the explanations of the types of women bags.

Bowling Bag

Bowling bag is a type of the women bags which has rounded oval shape and able to accommodate some women’s stuff. There are so many choices of colors, fabrics, and sizes you can choose to enhance your beauty and elegant look.

Wristlet Bag

The wristlet bag may look like the clutch bag at glance but actually, it has the different characteristic. The wristlet bag has a short string for your wrist. This bag type also has so many styles and shapes which can be brought in the party event or other occasions.

Messenger Bag

The messenger bag may look similar to the satchel bag which is completed with a long string to sling on your shoulder. This bag has so many pockets to keep more little stuff. Make sure that you choose the messenger bag according to your personality. There are so many choices of the messenger bag with the simple style in the soft and bright color.

Baguette Bag

Baguette bag is a type of women bag which has the little shape and equipped with the short string to carry by your hand. With the little shape, baguette bag can make women look chic and feminine.

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Sling Bag

This type of bag is similar to the messenger bag. The difference is sling bag has a more little shape and easy to carry. The sling bag is appropriate to carry some small stuff like a mobile phone or women accessories like cosmetics.

Evening Bag

When you look at the evening bag, it may look like another type of women bag, clutch bag. Yes, evening bag also has the small size like the clutch bag, but the evening bag has a string which is not too long to ease you in carrying with your hand.

Knowing the types and shape of the women bags is necessary for you who want to buy a bag. But, you should choose the bag with some considerations such as the functions and sizes. Besides, you should consider what kind of event you will to come with that bag.

Black and White Bowling Bag Types of Women Bags to Enhance Your Fashion Part 2 Cream Color Baguette Bag Types of Women Bags to Enhance Your Fashion Part 2 Women Messenger Bag Types of Women Bags to Enhance Your Fashion Part 2

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