Types of the Best Women Fashion Styles

In general fashion style of someone expresses the characteristic or the special theme of the appearance. With the different clothes, patterns, or accessories, you will also look different and each style creates its own characteristic or type. Sometimes, you cannot define the difference between chic, trendy, or glamor. Therefore, this article gives you some explanations of the best types of the women fashion style.


At glance, the bohemian fashion style looks so artistic but actually this style is different with the arty fashion style. The bohemian style focuses on the exotic texture and patterns. Gypsies are inspired by the free spirit with the bohemian fashion. The characteristics of this fashion type are the hippie, many accessories, loose outfits and natural colors.

Artsy Fashion Style

Like the name, this type of fashion style is for women who like the creative and arts. The appearance of artsy style may be different each other because it depends on the characteristic of the person who wears it. They tend to accentuate the unique appearance rather than the conventional or the mainstream appearance. It’s no wonder if the people who like this style is also like handmade stuff and arts.


The exotic fashion style has the characteristic which is unique and different. This exotic fashion type looks mysterious but expresses the distinctive charm. The patterns of the exotic outfits are mysterious and usually use embroidered, mosaic, smoky color, colorful and glamorous.

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When you hear flamboyant, you may remember of the dramatic accent. But this fashion type actually accentuates the aura of supple and energetic. From the characteristic, this fashion style looks bold and glamor. The flamboyant style usually looks asymmetric with the crowded accents, colorful and with many pleats.


The glamor fashion style focuses on the glamor and luxurious look. This type of fashion style often looks stunning with diamond, satin or silk fabric. It also looks like the flamboyant fashion style which shows the dramatic and sexy look. The appearance of glamor style attracts everyone who looks this style.


The sexy fashion style always teases everyone moreover men. The purpose of this fashion style tends to attract many people by exposing some parts of the woman body. The outfit of the sexy fashion style is usually tight and short. This style is also usually accompanied by the high heels or stiletto heels.

Artistic Bohemian Fashion Style Types of the Best Women Fashion Styles Stunning and Glamor Fashion Style Types of the Best Women Fashion Styles Unique and Mysterious Exotic Fashion Style Types of the Best Women Fashion Styles

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