The Unconscious Mistakes of Manicure

When you want a perfect coloring your nails, you must have a strong struggle because you can make the mistakes of your coloration which caused by the absurd thing and sometimes the mistakes still can’t be avoided, such as the out of line coloring, too lumpy/flimsy of nail polish, etc.

But, there’re many mistakes of a manicure which you don’t realize that. Below the explanation:


  1. Forget to soak your nails

Try to apply the nail polish on the dry nails will damage your nails. Soak your nails in warm water for several mins for softening your nails.


  1. Wrong technique of nail polish applying

If you use the brush with the same way of nail file usage, so you just damage your lovely nails. Apply the nail polish with your brush in the same direction.


  1. The dirty nails

Make sure to clean all your old nail polish of your nails and wash your hand too before doing the manicure.


  1. Shake your nail polish bottle

This is the most mistakes. Shaking your bottle will make the bubbles inside it. But, if you roll it gently will never cause that.


  1. You don’t use the base and top coat

Skipping this important step means you don’t protect your nails surface. The base coat doesn’t only make the long lasting nail polish, but also prevent the natural oil of your nail affects the color. The top coat is as important as that. It doesn’t only to shine and refine your nail, but also protect your nail from damage.

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  1. You don’t apply the nail polish until the nail tip

If you always use your fingers to type on the keyboard or cell phone, the nail tip will damage easily.


The conclusion is you must avoid the mistakes now and pay more attention for coloring your lovely nails.

Applying Nails Polish with Right Ways The Unconscious Mistakes of Manicure Shake Your Nails Polish Bottle The Unconscious Mistakes of Manicure Soak Your Nails in Lemon Juice The Unconscious Mistakes of Manicure

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