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As we already know that the selection of appropriate underwear will change your appearance completely. The number of choices of underwear push to be smart in choosing. Lingerie especially panties should be chosen with the material that makes us feel comfortable and form or model that must be appropriate with the clothes that will wear. You must and should know well so do not go wrong when choosing and integrate underwear with the clothes.

Various types of panties in accordance with the type of clothing that will apply are as follows:

Panties in this sexy model resembles a bikini. Waist line falls far below the navel or right on the hips. These models are usually very comfortable to wear with everyday clothes like jeans that fell on hip.

Boy-leg briefs
This panties has a waist line that falls below the navel, right in the hips but the longer legs to above the thigh. Cover all parts of the buttocks. This model is appropriate when you are wear short skirts or tight pants or stretch, also comfortable to wear for a workout.

These panties have a waist line in the fall right in line or slightly below the belly button navel. The buttocks closed, exceeding the groin.

Control Briefs
Panties that almost similar to the brief, only on the front added with harder material to suppress the stomach. Both models of this brief is usually a girls best friend lingerie as comfortable and not forming a panty line.

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French Cut
Panties that similar to the brief, just enough in the legs. This model is also often called High Cut Brief. If you want to feel sexy, this model could be an option.

Panties that is designed specifically for panty line that are not apparent when you wear tight pants. These panties do not cover the buttocks with a thorough. Waistband was a thin rope of the same material. Ideal for party dress to avoid a panty line.

String Bikini
This form of the underwear bikini only cover the front and back connected by a rope.

High Cut Rio
Panties that almost similar to the string bikini, but the indentation where the foot deeper. This model can be used everyday better when wearing pants or skirts.

Tap Pant
Panties that similar to shorts, only adorned by lace at the edges.

Panties in a minimalist model. Rear side similar to the G-String, but the front side is more closed than G-String. Match worn when wearing tight pants, for no visible panty line clearly.

Thong Boy
Panties that is a combination of a boy brief thong. Cover your buttocks from side to side to the back, although not entirely.

Never missed on choosing. Customize your underwear models with clothing that you wear for your perfect appearance.

Underwear Style with Bue Boy leg briefs All About Underwear

Underwear Style with Red Bikini Model All About Underwear

Underwear Style with French Cut All About Underwear

Underwear Style with Control Briefs All About Underwear

Underwear Styke with Tap Pant  All About Underwear

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