Unique Hidden Rainbow Hairstyle, How to Do Your Hair

After the ombre hair, now people tend to have another bold hairstyle called the hidden rainbow. From its name, we already knew that it contains some colors of the rainbow. Yes, this rainbow is hidden in the hair. It means that the colors cannot be seen if you don’t open the out layer of your hair.

Unique and Easy to Hiding

Actually, it is a unique idea to hide your colored hair behind your hair. Sometimes, you want to show your amazing hairstyle to your friends and you just need to wear up your top hair. But if you have a formal event like you must have an important meeting, you just let your half top of your hair down so your hair looks natural again. It is so easy, right? That’s why this trend becomes popular. Many people take benefits from this hidden rainbow hairstyle.

Multicolored Hair

Not just rainbow color like red, orange, green, yellow, blue and purple, but you can choose many other kinds of color for your hair for instance pastel colors. The colors are applied vertically from your half hair until the bottom. The half top of your hair is let in the natural color. The bright color accents of the hair look so attractive and awesome.

Perfect Hairstyle for Hidden Rainbow Hair

Of course having amazing hair is not just to be hidden but you must expose it with some beautiful hairstyle. The first way, you can make a super cute hairstyle with double buns hairstyle to show off your rainbow hair. Make two balance buns of your top session hair and secure them with pins. This style will make you look attractive and cute like a little girl.

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The second way is by making waterfall braid for your top section hair. The beautiful accent of the waterfall braid will make your colored hair looks more wonderful. This style is suitable for you who like a feminine look but still casual and cool with your rainbow hair.

Another way, you can show off your rainbow hair in two sides up and down. Make a bun of your top section hair but take it from your half rainbow hair so you can give up and down accents of your rainbow color hair. Your look will be cooler with this style.

 Unique Hidden Rainbow Hairstyle, How to Do Your Hair Rainbow Hairstyle in Two Sides Up and Down Unique Hidden Rainbow Hairstyle, How to Do Your Hair Hide Your Colored Hair behind Your Hair Unique Hidden Rainbow Hairstyle, How to Do Your Hair

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