Wanna Have the Ombré Hair? Notice Some Points!

Ombré or commonly known as gradation color is a hair trend lately. If you’re interested in ombré hair and want to color your hair, instead of going to the beauty shop, it’s better for you to get the ombré hair by yourself. Indeed, if somebody has ombre hair looks so trendy and stylish. There’s no doubt that mostly the women have the high competitiveness and attractiveness of fashion and beauty.


Before coloring your hair to be ombré, you can notice some points below.


Define your undertone skin!

Undertone is a color layer which located under the skin. It emits the skin surface color. It’s distinguished into 3; they are warm, cool, and neutral.

For you who have the warm undertone, you should choose the solid colors (i.e. red, brown, or orange). While the cool undertone, the sky colors are suitable for you’re (i.e. blue, purple, or white). Don’t choose the wrong color, because can make your face looks dull. Consult with the expert without use the service, you can pay a visit or by sending text or call.


Do the bleaching adequately!

Why? Because this process can damage your hair. Bleaching is a process which fades the hair color before coloring them. The over bleaching can damage the hair texture and make the ombré color becomes less natural. Don’t do this process twice a day, give a rest at least 1 day before bleaching again.

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Use aluminum foil!

This is the important thing for the coloring/bleaching process. It’s for speed up the color pigment absorption to the hair shaft. Also, it can prevent the hair from the chemical substances for a long time.


Special treatment

This is also the most important after coloring your hair. Give a special treatment for your hair by applying a conditioner or hair mask routinely.


Style your ombré hair!

If you want the best look, you should style your hair. Use the hair-roll for having a wavy effect on your hair, braid your ombré hair, and others. It’s better for you to avoid using the styling iron.


So, be careful when coloring your hair. Your hair means your crown. Even if you want a stylish look, you must take a care for it.

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