New Ways to Wear Your Vintage Loafers

Loafers usually tend to some formal appearance like the official outfit. Actually, there are many colors and models you can choose if you want more casual and different loafers. These styles may inspire you to go with your loafers. Check these out!


Open your closet and pick a crop top, little blazer, and tapered pants. They can be a good combination to match with your loafers. Choose some elegant colors like grey, black, and brown which can make you wonderful with your vintage loafers.

Overall Jeans

Overall sometimes make you look shabby if you don’t know how to match it with others. But if you balance it with your loafers, you will have a chic appearance. Choose a white T-shirt and overall jeans from your closet and then pair them with your beautiful loafers. Casual, chic, and classic will accompany your day with this style.

White Shirt

Sometimes, you have no idea what to wear and what kind of style you want. Just pick a white shirt from your closet for your timeless fashion. White shirt always matches with all outfit and situation. You can wear it with your bright color loafers and blue jeans. The calmness of white shirt will be more attractive with the red color of loafers and the soft color of jeans. You will look elegant with this outfit for any kind of occasion.

Black Sweater

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If you like a classic style, match your black loafers with a black sweater. It will be more casual with brown skinny pants. Choose a long sleeves sweater for a fancy look with your loafers. You will be so attractive and fashionable with this style without look old.

Metallic Loafers

Metallic loafers are very beautiful and modern for your style. Just create your favorite style with these chic loafers. Wear your ripped jeans, a white T-shirt and an oversized jacket with your loafers to make you more casual but awesome.

Now you can wear your loafers for every occasion without look too old or too formal. Loafers make you more fashionable more than you ever think. Keep stylish, girls!

White Long Sleeves Shirt with Vintage Loafers New Ways to Wear Your Vintage Loafers Elegant Grey Blazer Combine with Vintage Loafers New Ways to Wear Your Vintage Loafers Stylish Girls Outfits with Metallic Loafers New Ways to Wear Your Vintage Loafers

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