Different Ways to Wear Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans actually existed in the ‘90s but now they become popular again since the fashion always rotates over the time. Sometimes, wide leg jeans look outdated if you cannot set them in a good way which can make you look too old. So, how to be stylish and young with your wide leg jeans? You can look at these easy ways to mix and match your wide leg jeans become awesome and stylish.

Turtle Neck Blouse

Turtle neck blouse looks good with your wide leg jeans. It is because the casual look of your jeans is balanced with the classy look of your turtleneck blouse. Choose the elegant color of turtleneck blouse such as maroon which creates the beautiful contrast between your top and jeans. Also, drape a soft color blazer to create the more stylish accent on your appearance. Wear the heeled loafers which give the fancier accent to your whole style.

Wide Leg Overalls

Sometimes, the vintage style is the best. If you have the wide leg overalls just staying in your closet for years, now it’s your time to grab them. You may think that the wide leg overalls look so outdated and thus you avoid wearing them. However, not only stylish, you will look so attractive with the wide leg overalls. Make your style stunning with a pair of elegant ankle strap heels. Wear a white turtleneck T-shirt under the overalls which look casual and elegant on you.

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Crop Top

Create an edgy look with your wide leg jeans and long sleeves crop top. Choose your blue jeans and combine it with the black long sleeves top. This type is suitable for you who like the casual and simple style. For more stylish look, wear your black ankle boots which look elegant combined with your whole style. Besides, the high-waist jeans will be more comfortable and match with your simple crop top.


If you like a professional look, you can add a blazer in the same color with your jeans. You can wear this style to go to work because it looks neat and professional but still comfortable for you. Wear a pastel color long sleeves blouse which gives the elegant touch on your appearance.

Women Wide Leg Jeans Different Ways to Wear Wide Leg Jeans Wide Leg Jeans and Crop Top Different Ways to Wear Wide Leg Jeans Wide Leg Overalls Different Ways to Wear Wide Leg Jeans

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