You Must Know These Things Before You Wear Your Dress

Dress can be a casual or formal outfit, it depends on the style. Wearing dress has more considerations than wearing jeans which you can put it with shirt together. Before you decide to wear a dress, you better to read these following tips to avoid the fashion malfunctions and embarrassing moments of wearing a dress.

Checking in the Mirror

Have you ever feel that you wore a very short dress until you find that it was wrong. FYI, almost all dresses are felt super short but don’t look super short actually. It means that don’t ever feel unconfident with your dress after you decided to wear it. Make sure your appearance is safe by looking at the mirror. Then, you will feel more comfortable with your outfit.

Bend Over in Front of the Mirror

When you are wearing a mini dress, make sure that you never face an embarrassment moment. Stand with your back towards the mirror and bend over in front of the mirror. Make sure that everything is good without showing off your underwear.

Small Shorts Under Dress

Consider of wearing shorts when you decide to wear a flared mini dress. It’s better to prevent the ‘accident’ when the outside is windy. So when your dress lifts up by the wind, it will be OK. You don’t need to be worry all the time you’re walking on the street.

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When Getting Out of a Car

Surely, you often see the pictures of celebrities wardrobe malfunction caught on the camera when they are getting out from the car. It’s a very embarrassing moment actually when everyone looks at your underwear. You can avoid this kind of disaster with this way. Just keep your legs together when you are getting in and getting out of a car. Keep in your mind that your knees always joint together.

Your Butt Can Make Your Dress Shorter

It also must be your consideration that your butt can make your dress ride up in the back moreover if you have big butts. Pull the front of your dress up to balance the length of the back. After you read this article, now you can wear your dress more comfortable and confident.

Consideration that Your Butt Can Make Your Dress Ride Up You Must Know These Things Before You Wear Your Dress Checking in the Mirror when You Feel Unconfident with Your Dress after You Decided to Wear It You Must Know These Things Before You Wear Your Dress Consider of Wearing Shorts when You Decide to Wear a Flared Mini Dress You Must Know These Things Before You Wear Your Dress

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