How to Wear Leggings Under Your Dress Rightly

Layering fashion is never dying nowadays moreover it is more popular this year. Wearing leggings under a dress is not a new experiment since this fashion style was brought again by Lindsay Lohan in 2008. Now in 2017, this trend seems more popular than before. Wearing pants or leggings under dress is the best way to keep in warm as well as stylish and unique fashion. The rules were broken when nowadays urban women try to modify their fashion moreover in wearing leggings under dress. These are some of the ideas in wearing this fashion effortlessly yet stylish and cool.

Combining Overall Mini Dress and Leggings

Young and attractive may be the first idea on your mind when combining dress and leggings. Black leggings with some sequins look cute worn under the overall mini dress. For more creative fashion, a turtleneck top can be your choice to combine with your overall dress. Make it more stylish by wearing a plaid vest and black ankle boots.

Pants Under Sheer Dress

Winter can be perfect with the layered fashion like this one. There is no rule in wearing pants or leggings under dress so you can add it with another item freely. Choose a navy sweater to add on your dress. A black sheer dress peeks out beautifully under the sweater. Black pants are also look balanced in this way. You can wear your white mules to complete your cool fashion.

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Leggings Under Asymmetrical White Dress

If you like the feminine fashion, an asymmetrical white dress can be your choice. Black leggings under your dress keep you warm in the chilly days. The White color dress will be so beautiful combining with leggings and knee-high boots. Add a matching scarf with your dress as the best way to stay comfortable and warm. Wear a pair of black gloves if you want to be warmer. Choose a black little sling bag to hang on your shoulder. This fashion appearance proves that wearing leggings under dress is not must be weird at all even you will be so elegant and feminine.

Why do you still wait? Open your closet and grab your leggings and dress. Mix and match fashion is really exciting and fun.

Leggings In Overall Mini Dress How to Wear Leggings Under Your Dress Rightly Leggings Under Asymmetrical White Dress How to Wear Leggings Under Your Dress Rightly Pants Under Sheer Dress and Sweater How to Wear Leggings Under Your Dress Rightly

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