How to Wear Mary Jane Shoes Casually

Mary Jane shoes with the classic school girl look to become the favorite footwear of some women. Actually, the Mary Jane shoes are not just for the preppy look. These elegant shoes can be worn in several different styles even the casual style. There are also several choices of Mary Jane shoes such as Mary Jane heels and flats with many kinds of colors. If you want to create the casual stylish look with this footwear, you can see the following inspirations to wear the Mary Jane shoes in easy ways.

Sleeveless Dress with Mary Jane Heels

If you want to have a casual style but also elegant and fancy, you can wear a black or navy sleeveless dress. The black color skinny jeans will make your style looks different and unique and of course stylish. As the elegant fashion tips, it is important to choose the dark color outfit like in this way, navy or black. Opt for the black Mary Jane heels which can make you look elegant in this casual style.

Easy and Simple Yellow Mini Dress with Mary Jane Kitten Heels

The easiest way to look feminine in a casual way is choosing a simple mini dress. A yellow color of shift mini dress is a perfect choice to create a sweet look with your Mary Jane shoes. The simple look of the Mary Jane shoes with the kitten heels creates the classic look in a simple way. This casual woman style is very suited with a black backpack.

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Pastel Color Fashion Style with the Mary Jane Shoes for Casual Style

Pastel color outfit never fails in creating a chic and elegant style. A simple white T-shirt with peter pan collar tucked in pastel color shorts looks amazingly chic with the white Mary Jane shoes. Make it more elegant with a white clutch which fits with this casual fashion style.

Black Mary Jane Shoes with Chunky Heels

Casual and chic in one way can be created with a striped T-shirt, denim shorts, and white blazer. It is really attractive with the combination of feminine and sporty look in one style. The Mary Jane shoes with the chunky heels give a fancy look to your casual style.

Casual Chic Style with Pastel Shorts and White Mary Jane Shoes How to Wear Mary Jane Shoes Casually Casual Woman Style with a Yellow Dress and Mary Jane Kitten Heels How to Wear Mary Jane Shoes Casually Casual Woman Style with Black Mary Jane Platforms How to Wear Mary Jane Shoes Casually

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