How to Wear Plaid Skirt in Several Different Ways

You may don’t think to wear a plaid skirt for your daily stylish look since it looks like a school girl uniform which makes you look silly. However, for some women, this fashion item is popular among the fashion street styles. You can also have the stylish and different look with this plaid skirt like the following ideas.

Stylish One-the-shoulder Top

No more a schoolgirl looks again with a plaid mini skirt. Try a chic style with one-the-shoulder top and a plaid mini skirt. Choose a black long sleeves top and show off your one shoulder as a chic look. You can opt for a loose sweater to create this one shoulder look. With a pair of cute ankle boots, you will have a super stylish and fancy look with your plaid skirt.

Plaid Skirt with a Trench Coat

For the winter and fall outfits, you can wear a trench coat with your plaid skirt. Choose a red turtleneck top which to create a pretty contrast accent with your plaid skirt. To make you warm, you can wear the dark color stockings which look balance with the plaid skirt, also add a cute hat as a chic accessory. This style will also go comfy with a pair of ankle boots.

Striped T-shirt and Denim Jacket

Create a stylish casual look with a timeless striped T-shirt and a denim jacket. Opt for the black and white striped T-shirt which can easily go with a plaid skirt. A tight mini skirt looks so feminine as well as casual on you. Give a more stylish look with a denim jacket and brown ankle boots with heels.

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Classy Look with a Bright Color Plaid Skirt

Go to a classy look with the combination of yellow midi skirt, black top and a leather jacket. Create a good harmonization with a yellow color skirt, black T-shirt and leather jacket. The A-line skirt falls perfectly on your classy look with a pair of high heels. You can try this classy style for a formal and night event.  Well, now you will never again avoid a plaid skirt since it can make you stylish and chic, moreover, classy.

Bright Color Plaid Skirt How to Wear Plaid Skirt in Several Different Ways Plaid Skirt and One the shoulder Top How to Wear Plaid Skirt in Several Different Ways Plaid Skirt with a Trench Coat How to Wear Plaid Skirt in Several Different Ways

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