How to Wear Polo Shirt for Men Stylishly

If you are a man who likes a casual look but still neat, a polo shirt can be a choice. It has the different characteristics with T-shirt but comfortable as T-shirt. Actually, this shirt was firstly made for tennis athletes but then it developed for polo sport. Thus, it’s called as a polo shirt. For you who still confuse on how to wear polo shirt stylishly, you can combine it with jeans, shorts, cardigan or jacket. You must remember that wearing polo shirt means you create the casual fashion look. These are some examples of combining the polo shirt for men’s fashion style.

Combining Polo Shirt with Shorts

Combine a polo shirt with shorts and moccasin shoes. This combination makes your appearance look casual and stylish. Different with loafers, moccasin shoes have the thinner shoe soles. Besides, the loafers give a more formal look than moccasin shoes. You can wear this fashion style to hang out with friends or other casual activities.

Polo Shirt, Chino Pants, and Boat Shoes

This combination may look casual but it tends to be polite than the first fashion look. As you have known before those dark color jeans create the semi-formal look. In another alternative, if you don’t want to look semi-formal, you could replace it with the brighter color such as blue or soft blue. You will look super stylish and elegant to wear polo shirt with this fashion way.

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Polo Shirt, Navy Jeans, and Slip-On Shoes

However the style and color, chino pants always give the casual accent. If you want to wear polo shirt with pants but don’t like jeans, chino pants can be the best choice for you. Chino pants are thinner and lighter than cotton pants or jeans but chino pants are comfortable to wear. With slip-on shoes, you will be also more comfortable and simple without lace on your shoes.

You can also add a cardigan, blazer or jacket to wear polo shirt stylishly. Don’t forget to add some accessories like hat, watch, bracelets, etc. Be creative and free to style your fashion look. Those examples above are only a little help for you who still confuse to wear polo shirt fashionably. It brings you the smart casual look instantly.

A Man Wears Polo Shirt with Shorts and Moccasin Shoes How to Wear Polo Shirt for Men Stylishly Casual Fashion Look with a Polo Shirt Red Chino Pants and Boat Shoes How to Wear Polo Shirt for Men Stylishly Man Fashion with a Red Polo Shirt Navy Jeans and Slip on Shoes How to Wear Polo Shirt for Men Stylishly

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