Some Things to Wear on Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a big delight. But, besides that is a must to make some efforts to pass the period. Because happen a lot of changes, start from diet, body, emotions, even the way of dressing. Pregnant women need the comfort maternity clothes. It intended to make herself and the baby feel comfort. Don’t worry, pregnant women still can be stylish and chic.


This is for your feet. Never use the high heels. It harms for your body and baby. Alternatively, you can use the flat shoes, boots without heels, or if you’re a sneaker lover you can use sneaker without the high sole, and then make a mix and match with it. If you don’t want them at all, you can use sandals to make a casual look.


Sometimes pregnant women feel hot and tired. You must choose maternity clothes which soft, breathable, and high-quality materials. Such as, cotton, bamboo. Blended jersey with those materials with spandex or lycra which can give stretchiness.


For your daily outfit, you can wear basic maternity tank top, t-shirts, camisoles. You also can wear maternity jeans or legging, as your pants. If you want to hide your bell shape, you can wear a not-too-big maxi dress. But, big clothes will give you bigger than before. If you’re not, you can wear midi or maxi body fit dress to show off your belly, then mix it with your flat shoes or sneakers for the maxi dress or you can wear 3 of those shoes for midi dress. You can sweeten by wearing a scarf, belt, or necklace. Wear the A-line shape maternity clothes which have rubber under the breast will make you comfort and give more space.

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The stripe pattern is a good idea to hide the bulge of your body but stay stylish. The monochromatic pattern is also able to give a slim and high look.

Those all are some tips for what to wear when pregnant. Don’t let your pregnancy becomes uncomfortable and not confident. Be wise, chic, and stylish every day!

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