How to Wear White Outfit Attractively for Women

Does wearing white outfit makes you worry and not confident? The monochromatic colors are actually never outdated. If the last year you have collected some black color outfits in your closet, now it is a time to collect white outfits. Wearing white color outfit sometimes looks boring and ‘too clean’ and thus you usually avoid this outfit for your OOTD. But actually, combining white outfits can be so attractive if you do it rightly. These are some tips for you on how to wear white outfit attractively.

Choose Right Underwear

If you decide to wear white outfit; for instance, a white top and skirt; it is very important to also deciding your underwear color, moreover if you wear sheer outfits. Bra and underwear should be in the nude color instead of white color. It helps you to look natural and elegant when you wear white outfit.

Minimalist Accessories

Don’t add too many colors when you wear white outfit. Adding too many color accessories would make the white outfit not elegant. Instead of it, you can add some accessories in gold colors such as necklace and bracelet. It must be more elegant and makes your appearance more glamor instantly.

Don’t Choose Black Shoes

Actually, black color is not always perfect, moreover to combine with the white outfit. Wearing black shoes or heels will create the too conventional fashion look. Therefore, it is very suggested to select other colors such as gray, brown or metallic. Also, avoid wearing pastel color shoes because it will drive your appearance too pale. This way will make your fashion looks stylish and attractive to wear white outfit.

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Denim Combination

The combination between denim and white outfit is a classic coordination which usually perfect for every situation. It will be more fun to select high heels or boots to wear white outfit and jeans. But it would be more casual with a pair of sneakers or flats which are also chic on you.

Different Texture

When you wear white outfit in your whole appearance, you should experiment with the different fabric texture. For example, if you choose a white crop top, you can add a knit blazer as an outer. The combination of different texture in your white outfit will make your appearance, not monotone.

Casual White T shirt and Distressed Jeans Outfit How to Wear White Outfit Attractively for Women Elegant Woman Style with a White Dress and Coat How to Wear White Outfit Attractively for Women White Crop Top and Wide Leg Pants Elegant Woman Fashion How to Wear White Outfit Attractively for Women

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