Wearing Bright Color Outfit Makes You Happier

Most of the people may not like wearing bright color outfit since it looks tacky and too much. Or you may be better to stay in the ‘safe’ outfit color. Actually, if you like to look different, the bright color outfit will make you happier. The studies found that many kinds of color give the strong physiologic effect, for instance, when you looking at warm color outfit such as orange, pink or yellow, your brain will release the dopamine hormone automatically. This hormone increases the positive mood and sexual desire. While the cool color tone such as blue and green tends to release oxytocin hormone which increases your peaceful mood. It may be a little tricky to create the stylish look by combining bright color outfit in your appearance. These are some tips to help you wearing bright color outfit elegantly and stylishly.

Bright Red and Burgundy

The bright red color is associated with the high temperature, so this color is the ‘hottest’ color in the color spectrum. The bright red or scarlet also triggers the pituitary and adrenal glands which increase the body metabolism. Besides, this bright color outfit is suitable for any skin tone and hair color tone. You can combine bright red and burgundy with a dark color for more elegant look.


This color is the combination between blue and green color and almost match with any skin color tone moreover make it looks brighter. Some studies show that wearing and seeing cyan color outfit will help your brain to release oxytocin hormone. This positive hormone helps you to be calm and put down your temper, stress, and anger.

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The next bright color outfit you can wear is mustard color. This bright yellow palette with a little earthy touch can brighten your color skin tone. You can combine mustard color with a khaki color outfit and gold accessories to look elegant.


The pink color is usually associated with the feminity and young so it’s perfect for middle-aged women. But, it doesn’t mean that teenagers or young women cannot wear this bright color outfit because fuchsia can be worn by any age. Besides, there is a study said that men prefer to see women in the pink color outfit than others because pink is the closest color of skin tone color.

Bright Red Fashion Looks Warm Give the Positive Impact Increasing Mood Wearing Bright Color Outfit Makes You Happier Cyan Bright Color Outfit Looks Cool and Enhance the Calm Mood Wearing Bright Color Outfit Makes You Happier Fuchsia Bright Color Fashion Looks Feminine and Enhance the Positive Mood Wearing Bright Color Outfit Makes You Happier

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