White Eyeliner Function and How to Apply

Do you know how to apply white eyeliner? If you know how to wear white eyeliner rightly, you’ll get the different and attractive eye makeup. Before you apply white eyeliner, make sure that you have chosen the best eyeliner to get the best eye makeup look. Choose white eyeliner which has the soft texture to ease you in applying the eyeliner. For the totally beautiful eye makeup look, choose one which has the thick white color and shimmer. Actually, there are some ways in applying white eyeliner according to its function. Here are white eyeliner function and how to apply.

To Give the Fresh Makeup Look

The first white eyeliner function is giving the fresh eye makeup. It’s very useful when you get the tired eye look after working a whole day and want to look fresh in the morning. Grab your white eyeliner, Ladies! Apply the eyeliner from the inner corner of upper lash line to the outer corner lash line. Create the cat-eye effect on the outer corner as the fresh look of white eyeliner function.

The Bigger Eye Look

The white eyeliner function is not only for the fresh eye look but also give the bigger eye look. Apply eyeliner on along the waterline carefully. Make sure that there is no piece of eyeliner left inside. Don’t forget to combine it with black eyeliner for your upper lash line. See your new look now! It really works!

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To Brighten Eyes

Brightening eye look is the next white eyeliner function you can try at home. Applying white eyeliner to the inner corner eye creates the brighter eye look instantly. You only need to fill the around tear duct area to get this wonderful eye look.

Glowing Makeup for Party

Now, the white eyeliner function is as the glowing accent for party makeup. How to apply? First, apply silver eyeshadow on the eyelid then add glitter or shimmer under the eyebrow. After that, use white eyeliner to frame the eye. Then, add false eyelashes on the upper and lower lash line. Now, see what a beautiful your eyes. Have you ready to try them?

 White Eyeliner Function and How to Apply White Eyeliner on the Inner Corner to Create the Brighter Eye Look White Eyeliner Function and How to Apply White Eyeliner on the Lower Lash Line to Create the Bigger Eye Look White Eyeliner Function and How to Apply

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