Look Wonderful with Dark Brown Lipstick

Dark lipsticks are popular nowadays replacing the nude shades. Like a dark red lipstick, applying dark brown lipstick is also quite difficult. If you don’t know the technique, you will look dull rather than beautiful and fresh. Don’t worry; there are some tips to be stylish with your dark lips.

Choose Carefully Undertone and Shades

The brown color you choose must be specific to give effect to your entire face. Therefore, you need to try some colors before you pick one which is the most suitable for you. Try the colors from the warmest like True Brown K from the Kylie Cosmetics until the coolest one like Sepia from the Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Same Tone Color

If you use dark brown lipstick, you are better to create the same tone of your entire makeup shades. For example, when you are picking a warm brown lipstick, you must choose a soft cinnamon or corral for your bronzer and brown gradation for your eyeshadow.

Avoid Neon Blush

If you use a warm tone of your brown lipstick, avoid using the bright color of blush on. Combining dark brown lipstick with red blush or other bright colors will make your makeup looks bad. Choose a soft and muted color blush. And for bronzer, select one which has no red tone shade for the natural look.

Applying Foundation with Contour

Create natural contour with your dark and bright foundation. Some little sparkling bronzer in your face and dark contour in your perimeter face will make you look natural with your makeup. It can also avoid a plain makeup and it can make your brown lipstick looks natural on your lips.

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Eyebrow and Eyelashes

If you don’t have time to apply eyeshadow on your eyelids, you can concern on your eyebrow and your eyelashes. Make a natural look of the eyebrow with your eyebrow pencil and mascara to your eyelashes. It will balance your dark lips color.

Lip Liner

Lip liner will help you to give natural gradation on your lips. If your brown lipstick is too dark, balance it with a softer color lip liner which is same with your skin tone. Blend your lip liner with your lipstick for natural gradation.

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