What is Wrong With Jeans

What is wrong with jeans? Have you ever realize that we have the wrong perceptions about jeans and how to us it? Find on the list below and find yourself admit the wrongness.

Boot cut jeans is very suitable to be use by everyone.
Wrong! Not everyone is suited to wear boot cut jeans. Especially for petite person, because these jeans will make your legs look shorter.

Stretch jeans make the nicer look.
Wrong! Stretch jeans do not always make the appearance look better or nicer. Stretch jeans can make the buttocks look very large if you choose jeans with a too tight sice. If you want to wear stretch jeans, find the size not so tight and fit in the body.

Distressed lines make you look thinner.
Wrong! Not all jeans that have a line on the legs make you look slimmer and thinner. There are jeans that have a line along the legs, when used make the wearer look bigger rather than more slender.

Moreover, washed out jeans seems more casual and relaxed than the dark color jeans. So, avoid to wear it in the party, even the casual party, unless paired it with a coat or jacket.

So, make no mistake with the jeans that you wear.

Model Wearing Strech Jeans for Man What is Wrong With Jeans

Skinny Jeans for Women What is Wrong With Jeans

Model Wearing Flare Jeans What is Wrong With Jeans

Men Wearing Flared Jeans What is Wrong With Jeans

Hayden Panettiere weariing Boot cut Jeans What is Wrong With Jeans


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